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Hen Lamay, Deceptive Bytes: “every organization should review its cybersecurity posture to make sure it can prevent, detect, and recover from a cyberattack”
Today’s cyber threats are very different from what they were 10 years ago. In fact, they are evolving every single day and the number of successful attacks against both individuals and organizations are growing rapidly.

When it comes to a single person, one can protect their devices with an antivirus software. However, securing an entire business network requires robust programs with scalable resources and impeccable malware detection technology.

So, today we talked with Hen Lamay, the Co-Founder and COO at Deceptive Bytes – a company that offers multi-stage protection – about the current cybersecurity landscape, the latest innovations in threat detection, and the best security measures.

How did it all begin? What has the journey been like for Deceptive Bytes?

Our story begins more than a decade ago. We are three brothers with various backgrounds who wanted to work together. Avi (the CTO and a cybersecurity expert), Sagi (the CEO and an experienced Sales & Project Manager), and I (the Senior Software Developer and a team leader on my record) talked about getting more experience so that one day we’d open a company together. But we didn’t have an idea back then. When the idea came up on how to prevent malware by using its own defenses and techniques against it, we did some research and decided to establish Deceptive Bytes.

Since we founded the company, we have helped various organizations to protect against different and devastating types of cyberattacks and got recognized by leading research firms like Gartner, CB Insights, and more. In addition to that, we secured our patent application last year which affirms our uniqueness in the endpoint protection and deception markets.

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